When you should hire a professional

With the financial year over and the tax returns starting to be filled in I have been giving out lots of advice and help around how bloggers register as self employed and the things that they can claim back as expenses.

The thing is, although a few years ago I was a fully fledged working AAT qualified accountant I am no longer registered with a professional body and this year was actually my first year being self employed.

It dawned on me that by giving out advice I might be open to being accused of professional negligence. Not that I think any of my advice has been wrong. Its just that by offering advice in a professional way means that this could be the case. As a professional you usually have indemnity insurance that prevents these things having a huge effect on family life.

I think I need to be more careful in the advice that I give but one thing is for sure if you receive money or vouchers for any blog work like I do for things like this then you must be registered as self employed. At least that bit is easy.

If you are earning a fairly decent wage from doing this then I think it is time you went to a professional, the cost of paying for an accountant is soon saved in the amount of money they will save you on your tax bill.