When money saving goes wrong

April 1, 2014 Off By Laura TMOT
The girls wanted pet mice, the hamster was on its last legs (RIP Billy, he passed away yesterday) and it seemed like a good idea. Mice are an easy pet to look after and hubby seemed to like the idea so I started hunting for a bargain. I came across a post on gumtree where a mum was looking at selling her two mice and their cage because her daughter was allergic. £15 for everything, food, bedding. cage, mice, everything you would need.

However there was a problem, it seems it is not just any mice but mother and son. It seems that the cage is not a mouse cage but a hamster cage. It seems that the son can escape the cage quite easily. Hubby found this out as he was driving home from collecting them last Wednesday, a mouse was loose in the car!

So our bargain was not nearly as much of a bargain as it seemed and I had to go and buy another cage with smaller bars which cost another £15.
My bargain hunting may not have worked very well but the girls are happy and we have to introduce you to two new members of our family. Meet Ticklish and Dude.