When a Winter Wonderland really is Wonderful

If you have been on the internet today then you may have heard about Winter Wonderland Milton Keynes being cancelled. It was a complete catastrophy with rubbish santas, a dodgy ice rink and a general crap time had by all.

Luckily for me Winter Wonderland Manchester was a lot different! Having just spent the evening at Event City near the Trafford Centre with Hubby and the girls I really can say what a brilliant time we had.

With 60 plus attractions including over 30 rides, lots of different shaped bouncy castles and even a Circus the four hour attraction was a huge hit.
The variety of rides was really impressive with indoor roller coasters, bumper cars, waltzers and so much more the kids literally raced from one ride to another. However there was one thing that we were really looking forward too.
We are massive Sooty fans! When we heard that Sooty was going to be at Winter Wonderland I knew that we had to get tickets. Last year we went all the way to London to watch the Sooty in Space show at the Duchess theatre! Watching Sooty is beginning to feel like a Christmas Tradition and it is certainly one that the whole family enjoy. Listening to Alison as she roared with laughter and seeing the huge smile on Elizabeth’s face was priceless and to be fair I would happily pay the £56 family ticket price just to see the Sooty show (and we are already thinking of booking to go again before it leaves on 5th January).

We were lucky enough to run into Richard a little while after the show and whilst the girls were star struck we were talking about the times we have seen them live in London and at Butlins and the fact that the girls watch them on DVDs a lot. Alison particularly loves Sooty stretching the balloon too far. She didn’t like Richard enough to share her popcorn with him though! The only thing that would have made this day better for us would be to have had an opportunity to meet Sooty himself.

The attention to detail
at Winter Wonderland Manchester is amazing from the lovely carpet on the floor to the large space that it all occupies. There is so much to do that the kids will never get bored!

It is definitely a recommendation from us and we will be checking the calendar to see when we can fit in our next trip before it closes.