What would be my ideal Mothers Day?

Mothers Day can be a tricky day to work out, we all know our own mothers and we have an idea on what we would like to get them but do we really know what they want? and then you have the fact that you have to juggle the fact that not only is it a day to celebrate your mum but also your partners mum and for your kids to celebrate you too. Trying to please everyone can end up to be a logistical nightmare.

Now I have children of my own I have come to the realisation that Mothers Day is a day I would like to spend with them doing something together as a family, it is a day when I would like to not have too cook, play referee between the childrens bickering and a day where I could ultimately relax. The lovely people at Paperchase asked me what would be my perfect Mothers day and it got me thinking about what exactly I am hoping will happen on Sunday.

If we were telling the truth about being a Mum then all of our cards would look like the one above. Being a Mum is hard work and having one day a year where we can feel appreciated is just not enough. However seen as though that is all we have been given we should really make the most of it.

I am not one for flashy expensive gifts and prefer to receive items that have been well thought out. To me a special mug for my morning coffee chosen by my girls would mean more than a shiny piece of jewellery I would more than likely never wear or some flowers that will be dead before the week is out.

A delicious yet healthy breakfast in bed would keep me on plan with Slimming World whilst allowing me to relax and read a book on my kindle. It would then be great to spend the day together at a country park or a zoo, somewhere outside where we can spend some quality time exploring.  If they were to get me a gift I would like a frame with a picture they had drawn inside or a scrapbook full of photos of them throughout the years. Something that would only mean a lot to me instead of an item from the Mothers Day section of the local supermarket.
At the end of the day a meal cooked for me at home away from the hustle and bustle of a busy restaurant would be perfect, maybe a nice Roast Dinner or a juicy piece of steak, something to make me feel loved and appreciated as we snuggle on the sofa watching a film before the kids head to bed and I enjoy a lovely relaxing bath to finish of the day.