What to get Hubby for Christmas?

Every year I struggle to buy presents for Hubby, unlike me he would be very upset if he didn’t get any presents and he is the sort of person who loves a good surprise. My problem is that over the years I have been too good at providing surprises. 

In 2007 I ordered a Wii but he found out. I had ordered it from Germany after there were issues in the UK with stock so I told him that the Wii that never arrived in time and watched him opened all of the Wii games with a look of disappointment. The last present under the Christmas tree was the Wii. In 2008 I hid two Download Festival tickets inside a Prodigy Tshirt. In 2009 I treated him to a race track experience day. In 2010 I treated him to home game tickets to Old Trafford on Boxing day. In 2011 I managed to sneak a 3DS in to his stocking and in 2012 I got him a new phone delivered to my mums house where we visited a few days after Christmas. 

My problem this year is that he has already ruined my main surprise. At the beginning of November I got myself a new Nexus 5 and included in the deal was a free Nexus 7. My plan to hide it for him for Christmas was destroyed when despite being told he opened my parcel and found it inside. I need something else. Something he is not expecting and something special.

As much as I would love to give him a PS4, Xbox One or an Omega Watch finances are limited and this year I am looking for something a little bit cheaper but with the same surprise factor. I have entered the Tots 100 competition to win the PS4 so I am keeping my fingers crossed for that one but in the mean time I need to come up with something else. I already have the aftershave, slippers and underwear that are standard Christmas staples and I have added in a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Onesie and a Christmas Jumper but I am not so sure he will appreciate those so maybe they don’t have the right sort of surprise factor. I have racked my brains for something to get him and I really am coming up blank. I have done it all before and nothing is a surprise any more. Maybe this year my surprise will be that I didn’t do a surprise? Maybe it will teach him not to open parcels that don’t belong to him? Maybe it will stop the pressure of having to think of something awesome next year? I am running out of good ideas. Do you have any?


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