What to get Dad for Christmas?

The autumn equinox has been and gone, meaning that the next season must be the dreaded winter. But fear not. Winter has a bit of a rubbish reputation, but it’s actually filled with lovely things (even if sunshine isn’t one of them!) Bonfire night, mulled wine, warm jumpers and cosy nights in… and of course, Christmas!

Getting started on this year’s Christmas presents now might seem a tad premature, but there are only 14 Friday’s left before the big day. Stocking up in the autumn means you’ll have both more funds and more time to buy any last minute necessities later (like the wrapping paper you forgot to buy).  Not to mention the fact that shops will be much quieter pre-Christmas light switch on!

So to get you started, here are four fail-safe Dad presents for your shopping list.

A snazzy coffee machine

Just because he’s a dad doesn’t mean he can’t still feel like a bachelor every now and again- in some ways at least! A sleek and snazzy coffee machine will save him having to do a coffee run before work, will perk him up in the mornings and you get ‘borrow’ it too. It’s win-win situation for everyone!

A classic pair of jeans

A high-quality, branded pair of jeans are always going to be a winner. Levi jeans, for example, can be picked up from places like M&M Direct. A range of shades and styles means there’s going to be a pair for every man, even the pickiest ones and no matter how ‘trendy’ he thinks he is! Buying them online means avoiding the crowds and no rifling through piles upon piles looking for the right size; what’s not to love?

Tickets to something special

Whether it’s a special rugby match or his favourite band, often buying entry to exclusive events can feel like too much of a ‘want’, rather than a ‘need’, to justify splashing the cash. But if the Dad in your family hasn’t seen his team live in a couple of years, or there is a Star Wars convention coming to town you’ll know he’ll love, this is a gift he’ll really appreciate. You could even co-ordinate with one of his mates and send them along together, giving him a boy’s day or night out at the same time.

A magazine subscription

Don’t scoff! There is something really special and satisfy about a copy of your favourite magazine dropping through your letterbox once a month. Especially as what usually arrives is a combination of bills and junk mail! Whether it’s driving, golf, movies or music, all major magazines offer subscription services, and this also means it’s a present to last you right through to until next Christmas.

animated christmas photo: ANIMATED CHRISTMAS Animated_Xmas-tree-animation-Copygif.gif