What makes a perfect Christmas?

What is a perfect Christmas?

Is it a perfectly cooked Christmas dinner?

Lots of family time? no family time?

Surrounded by kids? No kids?

Is it getting the perfect present? giving the perfect present?

We all have good and bad memories about Christmas, soggy brussel sprouts, burnt roast potatoes, dry turkey, the most amazing cranberry sauce and the best pigs in blankets. The present that made you cringe, the one that makes them grin, the gasps of amazement and the looks of shock.

The last four years we have been somewhere different every year. My mums, my in laws, a curry house and Butlins. Everywhere we went we made memories, some good, some bad, some fantastic and some dreadful. Christmas is never perfect but as long as I surround myself with family or friends and have a camera handy then I can capture and share some of the best bits of Christmas past and present, even if it is the moment that you realise you have burnt the turkey or when you drop the Christmas cake.

Christmas time is a great time to make memories and here are some of my memories that I want to share with you.