What is the Benefit of a Divan Bed?

Choosing the right bed is one of the most critical decisions when furnishing your bedroom. With their streamlined design and versatile features, divan beds are a compelling option compared to traditional bed frames. 

But what exactly makes divans so appealing, and are there any benefits to choosing one?

We reveal all below.

Space-saving design compared to standard bed frames – the base is the same width and length as the mattress

A divan base is the same length and width as the mattress, so it takes up less floor space without sacrificing sleeping space. You can slot it neatly against the wall or into the corner of your bedroom without any protrusion. 

Adding a headboard to your divan bed will usually increase the length by 4-5cm, although it will usually still be shorter than a traditional bed.

Many people find that a king-size divan bed is only a little larger than a standard double bed frame, so measuring up is always crucial.

Built-in storage with two or four drawers

Many divan bases have integrated storage drawers built into the base. These are usually located at the foot end of the bed but can also be found along the sides (side drawers are usually found in larger models like super-kings).

Storage in the base removes items from the floor and helps keep your bedroom looking tidy. The number of drawers can vary, with options for up to 4 large drawers on some divan designs, although most models have two drawers.

Whether you choose a two or four-drawer divan, the storage space is ideal for bed linens, clothes, and other items like blankets and shoes.

Wide range of fabrics and colours

Divan beds come in hundreds of styles, colours, and materials to match your bedroom décor and personal taste. Traditional divan styles have a smooth upholstered finish, available in soft fabrics like velvet, cotton, and linen.

But there are also more contemporary models with faux leather or button-studded finishes. Colours range from neutral creams and greys to bold, bright shades like red and purple, with the broad selection allowing you to find a divan to fit your taste perfectly.

Divan beds also have the option of a headboard. We offer an extensive collection of headboards for divans from Giltedge and Sweet Dreams, with floor-standing and strutted models ensuring compatibility.  

Two-part box construction makes divan beds easy to manoeuvre and eliminates build time

Most divans come in two sections, so unlike standard bed frames, you don’t need to de-construct them when moving house. The smaller sections also fit up stairways and through doorways – fantastic when space is tight.

Some divans let you connect the two bases with bolts/clips, although some models simply butt together, held in place by the mattress’s weight.

Compatible with any mattress

A vital advantage of a divan is that you can pair it with any mattress you like – foam, natural, hybrid, pocket springs – with the flat platform providing an even surface for the mattress to sit on, reducing wear and maximising support.  

Divans excel when paired with sprung mattresses. The rigid platform of a divan provides ideal support for the spring system within the mattress, allowing the springs to respond appropriately to body weight and movement.

Check out our mattress buyer’s guide for help choosing the right mattress.

Is a divan bed the right fit for you?

With their space-saving layout, integrated storage options, various styles and split convenience, it’s easy to see why divan beds have become popular for many modern bedrooms. When shopping for a new bed, divans are worth considering for their versatility and functionality. They are stylish and practical, providing a cosy sleep space without clutter.

If you need a divan bed fast, we offer next-day delivery on dozens of models.