What has the pandemic meant for personal trainers?

The pandemic has had a big impact on just about everyone. But these strange times have been easier to cope with for some professionals than others. Personal trainers have had their ups and downs during the past two years, but as things are slowly going back to normal, many people are looking to seek the services of fitness experts like Ultimate Performance Personal Trainers in London. If you want to learn more about how the exercise industry has changed, read on.

How did personal trainers survive the pandemic?

For a long period of time, all gyms and fitness studios had to close to comply with lockdown restrictions. This meant that many personal trainers were out of work and couldn’t support their clients. However, many fitness experts made a living by offering their services online. Thousands of people had consultations with personal trainers from the comfort of their own homes and received advice on how to create a new fitness routine with the limited equipment they had access to. As restrictions lifted, some people started to go back to their local gyms, but many still preferred working out at home due to fears of infection or convenience.

Are personal trainers available to hire today?

Like much of the country, personal trainers have resumed their normal lives and are once again working in gyms and fitness centres across the country. However, due to the rise of remote working, many still offer online consultations and video calls for people who prefer to work out at home. This gives clients a much wider selection of services to choose from that work for their schedules.

Have clients’ needs changed since COVID19?

Not only do clients crave more flexibility in their personal trainers, but more and more people are now starting to take their workout routines more seriously. After working from home for so long, lots of workers are experiencing aches and pains or may be unhappy with how their body looks and feels. Now that things are opening up again, lots of people are searching for ways to get fitter, meaning that personal trainers should expect an influx of work.

On the other side of the coin, some people have discovered a love for fitness at home. Over lockdown, many found solace in practising pilates and yoga and may have even purchased weights or a treadmill. These people will be keen to understand how they can take their routines to the next level with the help of personal trainers.

Is getting a personal trainer right for you?

If you want to get fitter and aren’t sure how a personal trainer could be the best way to kick off your fitness journey. You have nothing to lose by having an initial consultation to see if the whole process is for you. Remember that if you’re having a particular issue or need help with recovering from an injury, sometimes it can be better to consult a physiotherapist before jumping into a new workout regime.