What Frustrates you?

Sometimes I just want to bang my head against a brick wall, there is so many things in life that can really irritate me.

One of the biggest things ever is the smell of McDonalds when on a diet.

Ok I know Elizabeth wanted it and I know we were stuck in the hospital since 8am and I know I asked hubby to buy it for her but he didn’t have to listen to me.

So there I am eating fruit and food optimising, being really really good so I can eat lots of haggis and drink lots of wine tomorrow and the kids are there with the McDonalds.

Ohh that stuff smells divine. It doesn’t taste divine but at the time you eat it you think it does. Anyway I digress. It made me want to hit my head of something solid repeatedly.

So it got me thinking what else makes you so frustrated you want to really bang you head against something?

Men are the obvious choice, but I don’t even want to go into the many ways that they annoy me but what are the other things.

Today I had a bad day, it started off well and if it went to plan it would have been fine. Hospital bright and early to get in first, then collect Alison from school and off to a PR free night out at Legoland Discovery. So why did such an easy day give me such a headache?

Well the first bit went well, we did arrive first at 8am and everything looked as though it was going to plan except Wiggle wasn’t having any of it and refused to bleed back so that they could give Elizabeth her chemotherapy. Add in a few hours worth of delays, a special xray to see if the line was in place and the chemotherapy finally finished at 16:40, the event started at 17:00

We couldnt get help picking Alison up from school today so Hubby had to leave work, get her, bring her to me and then go back to work and work late.

I turn my Sat Nav on rather than trust my instinct and we end up in stationary traffic

We arrive at the event very late to find our names are not on the door, in fact no-ones names are down

I walk around the event to find other attendees asking lots of random people if they are part of the bloggers group and get a lot of weird looks

Drive home on the motorway with lots of idiots driving too fast and cutting me up

So with all those bangs against a brick wall its not surprising that I have a headache but I wonder who I can sue for Head injury compensation?