What do you think makes a perfect childrens holiday? #BlackpoolsBack

Here I am on holiday again, I can’t even remember the last time I slept in my own bed but the kids are going back to school soon and I am all for making the most of the time we have together before that happens.

We are currently on a country park in the New Forest and as usual near any bank holiday it has been raining. Now the first day it rained was fine, we had games, we had a swimming pool and we had dvds. Today we were getting a bit of cabin fever and needed to leave the house. We looked and found a variety of places we could have gone, a museum, a soft play area or sod the rain and go to the farm.

With three girls aged 6, 5 and 4 we decided to give them the choice. It surprised me that they were happy to get wet in the rain for a fun day at the park but did you know that according to research conducted by
OnePoll for #BlackpoolsBack that just one in 20 children said sunny weather is important for a great family holiday.

Now I know that adults wouldn’t exactly agree with that and going on holiday with kids is decidedly easier for us grown ups if the sun is shining.
So what else do kids think makes the perfect family holiday?

Well the top four things kids look for is a real sand beach, a theme park, a seaside location and a water park. This holiday is so far missing all those things so maybe I had better pull my finger out if I want this to be a holiday the kids are happy with. However so far we have been crabbing, been to a farm and fed the animals and been swimming. Tomorrow we will hopefully get to see some dolphins as we go on a ferry to Guernsey and we still have a few more days of fun ahead.

You can see more of the research on this fabulous infographic.