What do you hate about yourself?

We all have something don’t we?

Something that you really wished you could change that is out of your control.

Maybe you have freaky toes, a pointy nose or non existent boobs, whatever it is I am sure if you could wave a magic wand and make it better then you would.

Ever since I was a teenager I knew what I would change. It wouldn’t be my chunky thighs or my fat tummy, it wouldn’t be my bingo wings or my hairy legs all of these are things that I know I could do something about.

The thing I would change would be my teeth. I am very conscious of my teeth and you wont find me smiling with an open mouth in photos. I have crooked teeth. They are dreadful and I hate them but because they don’t cause me any problems I can’t have anything done to straightened them on the NHS.

I realised today that I have lived nearly half my life hating a part of my body that I can’t easily change and it got me wondering about whether I could actually afford to get them straightened. I don’t mind having braces for a while if it will make it better in the end and surely a few years with them will be worth the rest of my life with straight teeth? Mind you on the Oasis site it was telling me about all sorts of different braces like internal ones and clear plastic guard ones, it seems that you don’t need unsightly ones nowadays if you have the money to do it. That however is always the problem.

I have another dentist appointment in January and I might ask my dentist a few questions about it then and see how much it would cost. I am sure if I could pay a bit at each appointment it wouldn’t be so bad.

So whilst for the moment I will concentrate on dieting to lose some of my other not so lovely body traits I will bookmark the Oasis Dental care website and keep in my mind that maybe next year will be the year that I finally decide to do something about my teeth, after all you only turn thirty once.
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