What can cause hair loss?

Losing your hair in large quantities can be extremely worrying and finding out what is causing your hair loss is really important. On average we lose 80 strands of hair every day but if you find you are losing more than that then it could be down to one of the below issues.

Hair loss due to everyday issues

From stress to insufficient vitamins, hair loss can occur at any time. It is also a known side effect of pregnancy and menopause where hormones fluctuate. Following a strict diet or suffering from extreme stress are well-known reasons for your hair to fall out in higher quantities. You can also suffer hair thinning if your hair has become damaged during to excess treatments such as straightening or dyeing. When your hair has thinned in this way it is easy to use hair extensions to thicken it out. Choose hair extensions that matches your hair type and find one that attaches easily such as flip in hair extensions.

Hair loss due to Illness

There are many illnesses that can lead to hair loss from illnesses where hair loss is just a symptom such as Polycystic ovary Syndrome, Thyroid problems, and Anemia to illnesses such as Alopecia Areata where hair loss is the main symptom. Alopecia Areata can cause full or partial hair loss and in most cases, females prefer to wear wigs if they suffer from full hair loss. The upside to this is being able to change their hairstyles at will by changing their wig and with so many different styles from fun colours to luxury wigs. Seek medical advice if you have sudden hair loss, develop bald patches, are losing hair in clumps and of your head also itches and burns.

Hair loss as a side effect to treatment

Sadly many medications list hair loss as a side effect, these range from serious conditions such as cancer where the chemotherapy can cause full hair loss to antidepressants and steroids that can cause hair to thin out. You can also find this side effect on some treatments for acne, thyroid issues, epilepsy, and weight loss. In fact, the list of medication that has this as a side effect is extremely long so if you are already taking medication for a pre-existing condition check the information leaflet and let your medical professional know so they can look at alternatives.

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