What British Dog Lovers Need to Know About CBD Oil

In many households throughout the UK, we consider dogs as part of the family. But a lot of Britons don’t really look at it that way. Not many think of dogs as being that have emotions, experience pain and other problems.

They look at them as man’s best friend that will always be by their side. However, dogs do feel the same things we feel. Whenever they are in pain, they feel it and let you know about it. Whenever they are sad, depressed, or anxious, they suffer on the inside.

Thus, British dog lovers have found ways to help their canine companions feel better in these situations. And that’s why we’re here to talk about CBD and pets and the benefits of CBD oil.

But how does CBD oil help your dog? Well, to answer that question, we will have to dive deeper into the things British dog lovers need to know about it.

Without wasting too much of your time, let’s begin.

What is CBD Oil And How Your Dog Benefits From It?

First things first, let’s talk about CBD oil.

CBD oil is one out of many CBD products that exist in the UK market. It is a combination of hemp-extracted CBD and some sorts of oil (mostly MCT oil) that provide an excellent way of sampling cannabidiol.

While other ingredients also go into the mix, these two are the most important ones. The MCT oil is responsible for the substance of the product, while the CBD is responsible for the effects.

The amount of CBD content in each product varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. With all that said, there is a common denominator in all this. The CBD in question must be pure and contain no THC. While other cannabinoids are welcoming, making sure that the product contains NO THC is of utmost importance.

And now to the latter part of this section; the benefits.

How Your Dog Benefits from CBD Oil

You might be familiar with cannabidiol and the potential benefits that come with it, but what about dog CBD oil? Is it the same? Does it provide the same benefits? Let’s take a look at it and find out.

Pain Relief

If you’re familiar with some of the benefits that come with CBD oil, then relief is one of them.

And the case is the same for our dogs. Animals, such as dogs, experience pain the same way we do. This isn’t anything new, but we can’t just give them human medicine to cope with it.

This is where CBD oil comes into play. While there is still research to be done, convincing results exist that CBD helps greatly with relief. In the case of both man and animal, CBD has been found helpful in multiple studies.

Thus, Britons have started giving CBD oil to their pets as a means to help them cope with pain better.


Not many British dog owners know this but seizures can be a serious problem for dogs and other household pets. While it is rare by all means, CBD oil can reduce the severity and frequency of seizures. We already use CBD in human cases, and research believes dogs can benefit the same way from it.


If pain is the most common reason why we give CBD oil to our dogs, then anxiety is a strong 2nd place contender. You’d be surprised to find out that more than one million dogs in the UK suffer from anxiety or depression.

And as it stands out, CBD oil can help lessen the effects of this harmful disorder. Since we use CBD oil for our own anxiety issues, we can use it the same way to provide a sense of security for our dogs.

CBD has been found to help assist nervous people to feel much more calmer, and the same logic is then applied to our dogs.

For Appetite

If you feel as your pet isn’t eating as it should, then give them a few drops of CBD oil to make them hungry again. CBD oil affects the appetite receptors in a dog’s brain. So, it can really prove useful if your dog doesn’t eat due to a disorder or illness.

For Mood and Mobility

It’s safe to say that older dogs find it much more difficult to move. Not only that, but older dogs are much moodier due to their old age. And we hate seeing our dogs have movement issues and we hate it when we see them grumpy.

So, CBD oil can help you solve this issue thanks to the various properties of the compound. For starters, your dog won’t feel stiff nor pain while moving due to the relief factor. Secondly, CBD can be used to improve your dog’s mood because it positively affects our state of mind.

While there are many more benefits to giving CBD oil to your dog, let’s talk about dosage and side effects.

Are There Any Potential Side Effects?

It’s easy to give your dog something to lessen any issues it might have. But Britons should always inquire about any potential side effects. As is the case, British dog lovers can know about the potential side effects of CBD oil.

Fortunately, these “side effects” are nothing but a small inconvenience that regularly occurs.

The most dangerous thing that can happen to your dog is vomit or feel drowsy. Some of the lesser “side effects” include increased appetite and a dry mouth.

So all in all, these aren’t anything to worry about.

What is the Optimal Dosage?

The dosage depends on the breed of the dog. By this, we take into account the size of your dog. Britons should also feel much better knowing that every CBD oil product designed for dogs holds clear instructions as to how to use it and how much to give.

So, in essence, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to dosage as the manufacturers got you covered. Even if you give your dog a bigger dosage, CBD isn’t a harmful compound.

Finishing Thoughts

With all that said, we hope you found this article useful and informative. British dog lovers should know that CBD is safe for consumption and won’t cause any mind-altering properties as it isn’t a psychoactive compound.

Whenever buying CBD oil for your dog, always make sure you’re buying quality and THC-free oil.