Ways To Teach Children About Food And Where It Comes From

Unfortunately in this day and age a lot of children simply just don’t know where food comes from. A lot of them just think it comes from the supermarket and as everything is so readily available all year round they don’t know the effort and time that goes into growing and raising food. Unless children grow up on a farm that information is lost, which is why so many life lessons like harvesting, preserving and canning foods are starting to diminish. It has slowly started to come back to the millennial generation who aren’t learning it from family members but from others online, after all the convenience and processed foods, that generation seems to be longing for simplicity. Another factor which has increased the interest in growing your food and trying to be more self-sufficient came from the covid crisis when people struggled to get fresh food, so they simply started looking at growing it themselves. 

Start A Vegetable Garden

The best way to get children to learn about where food comes from is to let them have a go at growing it themselves. You can start with something that grows fast that they can visibly see changing day by day, something like cress is a great starting point. Then as you move into the spring and summer months where you can grow an abundance of things you can look to grow things that they love and would enjoy eating, things as lettuce, cucumber, strawberries, peas and raspberries. These are things children will love to grow and can simply harvest and enjoy straight away. 

Go On Fishing Trips 

Another fun thing you can do with your children whether it’s with the family or a special father and son bonding trip is to go on a holiday and go fishing. You can get exciting and fun Cabin Adventures where you can go fishing. You can try carp or fly fishing and depending on the location you stay at you may be able to find lakes with Salmon and trout that you can catch. It can be a wholesome experience, it also helps to teach children patience. When fishing they need to be calm, and quiet and just wait for a fish to bite so it can be really good for their mental health as well. You can not only then teach them to fish but you can teach them how to prepare a fish and cook it. There are some great YouTube channels as well which can get them excited for fishing and learn all about it in a fun and educational way. One of the most popular ones is YBS Youngbloods.

These are a few ways to help your children learn about food and where it comes from but there are also a lot of other ways like going to farms, growing herbs and visiting allotments. You can also look into foraging but be sure to be safe, one of the most popular things to forage is blackberries and raspberries as they are in such abundance in the UK.