Watching Old School Films With Netflix

Every now and then our group of friends has a get together. Seven years ago this would have been a night out at a gig or a club however nowadays everyone comes to us. We have a nice dinner, a few drinks and a good laugh. We always end up watching a film as the night draws in and the kids have gone to bed.

As time goes on we have watched all of our dvds and the choices on tv are just rubbish. Luckily for us I am a Netflix Blogger and so tonight we loaded it up and reminisced about the good old films. There are so many films to choose from that there is always something to suit your mood and that is how we ended up, beer in hand, watching Tremors and then Teen Wolf.

I don’t know what it is about our generation that makes these films interesting but their antiquity seems to add to our enjoyment as the outdated clothes, dreadful storylines and appauling special effects speak to the child in us all. Who needs HD and flashy graphics when you have giant worms eating people and dodgy hair growing all over Michael J Fox?

The great thing about Netflix is that it can entertain the girls no matter what they want to watch and it can satisfy my hunger for old school films as well produce fantastic programmes such as Orange is the New Black.

The more I use Netflix the more I come to love it, searching for new things to watch and adding them to my “to watch” list is a joy and the fact I can watch them at home, on my ipad or on my phone means that I can take my Netflix addiction with me no matter where I go.

I am always on the look out for new or old things to watch so if you have any recommendations or if you have found a hidden gem let me know!