Warner Bros Christmas Stocking

I hate being out when the post comes, especially when hubby and the girls are there to open my packages for me.

Last Tuesday I was in London at an event when I got a text from my darling hubby who informed me that he loved my contacts at Warner Bros because they sent him the Dark Knight Rising on Blu-ray. That is all well and good but I was going to wrap it up for him for Christmas.

When I arrived home I actually realised the full extent of the damage. Strewn across the floor was candy cane wrappers and what looked like Lindt teddy bear wrappers. Seriously what sort of man would give the kids the Lindt chocolates???

Warner Bros put so much thought and effort into their parcels and all I got to see was empty wrappers and a pile of Blu-rays stacked up on the sofa. I have seen some of the pictures that other lucky people posted from what they have received and there seemed to be a stocking and candy canes, chocolates and more. Sadly there is no evidence of that apart from a pile of rubbish.

I do however have three fabulous Blu-rays to watch over the coming weeks The Polar Express 3D for the girls, The Dark Knight Rising for the Hubby and New Years Eve for me (sssh dont tell anyone but I love a good rom-com).