Want Happy Kids, Forever?

Trying to keep kids forever happy is a Herculean task and yet parents give it a good go. However, no matter how demi-God-like a parent is, it’s a struggle to keep the kids happy indefinitely. Hopefully, within this article I will be able to give you some ideas on keeping the kids entertained.

A lot of this may not be new to you, however hopefully it will inspire you with ideas for the future.

Day Tripper

“‘Cause I’m a daaaay tripper!” (Any excuse really). Everyone loves day trips; a part from the most cranky of souls. If you have the inclination and can be bothered with the planning and the effort, day trips can be one of the most fun things to do. If you’re lucky you’ll be able to have day that no one will forget and you’ll still be swapping stories of that day in twenty years’ time.

Britain is great for day trips, what with our eclectic mix of zoos, theme parks, and other attractions that mean there’s a whole lot of fun to be had out there.

If you’re worrying about cost or other concerns, may I suggest that a day trip doesn’t have to be expensive. Britain is full of forests, national parks, and glorious beaches and they make just as memorable day trips and it’s all free!

Garden Studios

A garden studio is a building that is erected in your garden and can be used for any number of activities: home gym, cinema, office, library, or just maybe, a children’s play room. That’s right, I’m suggesting you have one of these buildings built and then place all your kid’s toys in there so that the house becomes your space and they have their own place to play. All the mess and muck that kids leave in their wake can be largely contained to your new garden studio. There are loads of benefits of having a separate space for your kids to play in. This gives them a bit of freedom and independence and it gives you some well-deserved rest.

Game Room/Cinema

Now obviously you could use the garden studio mentioned in the above section for a cinema/game room, however if you were planning on using that space for yourself for an office or library, you might want to consider, if you have the room, turning a room in the house into a cinema/game room. This means you can sit back with a book by the fire whilst the kids are ensconced in their cinema room watching The Incredibles or their Avatar: The Last Airbender box set.

Of course you could hook up their various video gaming gadgets to create a multimedia haven. Obviously, if I were you, I’d police it so that your kids don’t spend too much time snuggling up with their Play Stations and actually get outside for some fresh air. Those knees aren’t going to scrape themselves.


Hopefully I’ve been helpful with this article and given you a bit of inspiration in case you’ve been sat at home dreading the upcoming summer holidays as you can’t think of how to keep the kids busy for six weeks. If none of the above will work for your family then there are loads of fun things to do at home including arts and crafts, board games, baking, etc. If you use a little imagination, entertaining kids shouldn’t be too hard. If all of this fails, you could simply ask the kids ‘what do you want to do?’