Updating my wardrobe with Fashion World

I have never been very good at keeping up with fashion trends and as a Mum that became even less of a priority. This is really evident when I go out for a night out. Back in February, I went away on a girly weekend for my Sisters 40th Birthday and I soon realised that my clothes were very much not in fashion. It seemed like fate that this was when Fashion World approached me and asked me if I wanted to choose some clothes to review.

I was given a budget of £100 and I decided that I would like to put together two outfit choices. I wanted a day time look and a night time look. First I needed to understand what the current fashion trends were. I remembered seeing an episode of This Morning in January which went through a few of the key trends in a fashion forecast for 2019. These seemed to be Neon (not a chance), Beige tones (again no way), Animal Print (acceptable), Check shirts (acceptable), bright patterned dresses (I don’t do dresses) and Satin (crinkles too easily).

I decided to opt for a red checked long shirt and a pair of Lucy jeans for my daytime look. The Red Checked Long shirt was from Simply Be and had a couple of clever hidden buttons that meant that I didn’t get the gaping hole over my cleavage and the navy Lucy jeans are extremely well fitting with enough stretch to be comfortable but they still look great.


My night time look is my first venture into animal print and I opted for this gold and black Zebra print top that is flattering as it doesn’t cling to me. I paired this with a pair of black jeggings to ensure that I was comfortable.

Both of these looks are easy to accessorise and for once I actually feel as though I have something that looks fashionable. I was really surprised by the choice and the price available on Fashion World and being able to choose two outfits for £100 is really good value.