Update your Wardrobe for Spring

As we go through the year and the seasons change our wardrobe often needs a bit of a revamp too. Although there will, of course, be timeless capsule pieces that remain in your outfit choices, again and again, it’s getting near that time to update your wardrobe for spring. Changing your wardrobe to match the season can feel daunting and a little overwhelming but just a few simple steps can get you well on your way to a spring-appropriate look!

Spring Colours

One of my favourite elements of spring is having that ability to incorporate some springtime colours. Of course, I love wearing those Autumn and Winter darks but by the time spring rolls around I’m ready for something much cheerier.

Some of my favourite colours for Spring are the pastel shades of yellow, pink and lilac. I don’t think that an outfit should be wholly based on these schemes but a pastel accent here and there can really complete a springtime look. Although a spring wardrobe is a perfect place to start introducing some colour I personally save the bright and bold colours for closer to the summer months.

Layers are Essential

Spring weather means that we start to see more of the sun than in those winter months however the temperature can still become quite chilly. Putting together an outfit you can add or remove layers to is a great way to combat this without compromising on style. Thin cardigans and scarves make great layering pieces that can really add to an outfit and be removed easily if need be.

Spring Time Coat

Those warmer days and lighter evenings mean those big winter coats are soon redundant come spring time. As the weather can still be unpredictable, investing in a good spring coat is essential. Look for something lightweight and a neutral colour that will go with any outfit choice. Consider choosing a coat that will fit over different layers easily depending on the temperature. If you spend a large amount of time ‘out in the elements’ look for something that’s also waterproof.


The change of season also calls for a change in footwear and it’s time to ditch the winter boots and introduce something much more appropriate. There are some fabulous womens shoes from uppersole that would make ideal spring wardrobe choices. Flat pump style shoes or fashion trainers make great lightweight shoe options but are much more practical than an open toe or sandal.  Whatever footwear you opt for you want to make sure you’re considering comfort as well as style.

It’s quite easy to update your wardrobe for spring with just a few changes and additions. When putting your outfit together in the morning consider how the weather might heat up closer to midday. In the same breath make sure you consider how the temperature can drop quickly in the evenings. The most important thing to consider above everything else is the comfort. Don’t feel you should completely overhaul what you are used to and instead make small tweaks to your already established preference and style.