Unique features to look out for on an online bingo site

With more and more people turning to their laptops, computers and tablets to play bingo instead of heading to the halls, you no doubt may want to see what all the fuss is about.

If you are new to the world of online bingo – or are simply researching and want to see what options are available – it’s well worth looking into great features of the best sites out there. We’ve done this for you and made a list of some of the best things to look out for when it comes to choosing a bingo site to become a member of.

Low/no deposits

We all love saving money, so arguably one of the best features to look out for is sites that offer low or no deposits when signing up or playing games. However, it’s worth looking into whether the sites offer such a low deposit for new starters but charge a lot to their regulars as this won’t end up saving you much.

Free games/credit

Likewise, those sites that boast free games or free credit to play when you sign up, or for their loyal members, is a great incentive to choose that specific site. Work out whether it would in fact be worth it with how much you’ll play, too.

A good community

Playing bingo online from beterbingo.com and other good sites will open you up to the world of online bingo communities. This basically means that just because you’re playing online, it doesn’t mean that the activity has to be antisocial. Decent websites will provide the chance to chat to other players on forums, blogs, chat rooms and chat windows whilst playing so you can share tips, or simply just have a natter!

Mobile bingo options

If you want to play online bingo on the go without having to lug your laptop around with you, sites that offer the option to play on your phone via an app is a great benefit. Playing on your tablet or iPad is also useful for those long train journeys where you’re bored out of your brain!

Room options

There are lots of different room set ups depending on the site you opt for. They can range from anything like private rooms that only allow certain members, multi-room modes that allow you to play more than one game at once and interactive rooms where you can chat to other players whilst you are actually playing. Find the best option for you by thinking about what you want from your online bingo experience.

Good customer service

Wherever there is money involved, or your personal details are stored, it’s important that you have a good contact to speak to should there be any problems. Look for sites that have 24 hour customer service available, or at least those that have a good reputation for dealing with problems and when keeping your details secure. Chat to other users if possible before signing up to check this from a unbiased perspective.