Traveling abroad with young kids

Easter isn’t yet upon us but already most parents will be considering options for this year’s summer vacation. It’s unsurprising, given how long the kids are off school during the summer months, and advance preparation certainly does help to make the holiday go off without a hitch.

Some families choose to travel abroad for their summer vacation. This is a popular option and one which will give your kids a unique opportunity to learn about other cultures and customs, whilst enjoying themselves at the same time. Travelling abroad with kids can be tricky though – especially if your children are quite young.

Planning Your Trip

Advance planning is the key to making any international vacation a success. In the case of travelling with children, the more work you put into your planning the easier your trip will be.

Many countries are quite simple to travel to, and will require nothing more than a valid passport. However others are more stringent about who can travel there, and for what reasons, so you may need to provide additional evidence. If you need to acquire tourist visas make sure you apply for them right now, as these can take months to come and you may even need to contact Whoz The Daddy in order to provide a DNA sample as proof of your identity.

In addition to your travel documents, you should also make sure the whole family is up-to-date with its vaccines and that any medical and travel insurance is in order. It’s worth also researching the climate of the country you are intending on visiting, just to make sure that your children won’t be at risk from weather that is overly hot or temperamental.

Keeping Your Kids Entertained

When travelling with little ones, keep them entertained with puzzles and games that take at least half an hour to complete. Any longer and they may lose interest, depending on their age. Some airlines, if you contact them ahead of your travel day, will make extra provisions for young children.

Once you’ve touched down, having an itinerary will help to keep you and your children in the best of spirits. Kids’ activity groups are also a good option – not only will they keep your children busy but they’ll give the adults a chance to relax and unwind. Lastly, and most importantly, enjoy your family time together.