Toy Fair 2014 #toyfair

What an amazing, fun filled few days!

I love attending the Toy Fair and seeing all the new product ranges that will be hitting the shelves over the coming year. I also love being one of the first people to hear about new films coming out and to see the merchandising that goes along with it. One of the best things for me though is catching up with all of the wonderful companies that I have worked with throughout the past few years. Last year I made the mistake of only attending Toy Fair for one day and ended up running around like a headless chicken, failing miserably at fitting everything in so it was great this year to take my time and really have a good look around.

I can tell you that there will be some amazing toys that I am not allowed to speak about just yet but one of my favourite products from the toy fair is the Toy-Fi Teddy. This fantastic teddy will allow me to send and receive messages with my daughters using an app on my phone, it would have come in very handy whilst I was away for these three days and is definitely on our list of must review items.
I was also lucky to run in to some lovely people that I have met over the past year which included Richard Cadell and Sooty. They were both on the Golden Bear stand trying to keep Sweep out of trouble and showing people their new line of Sooty and friends Puppets. I know that Alison and Elizabeth can’t wait to get theirs so I look forward to seeing them in the shops soon. The Sooty show starts its nationwide tour in a few weeks and Sooty and Sweep were enjoying some time relaxing and playing with the toys before the tour kicks off in Galashiels on 7th February.  We cant wait for it to come to Manchester in the second half of the year (Dates to be announced) and will be sure to get great seats.
Another friend that I ran into was Mister Maker who was there to promote his new Colour & Create BrainBox with Green Board Games. He had great fun battling the creater of BrainBox games but Mister Maker was the proud winner after two rounds. Mister Maker will be off on tour soon as well as he takes part in Cbeebies Live! The BIG band Easter tour 2014. I hope to be able to get some tickets for Manchester to go and review the show so will let you know what it is like.
There were a lot of amazing toys to see and some brilliant new to market products too. Some of my favourites include Handlebar Heroes and Magic Spray (reviews coming soon), Sands Alive, Chicken charades, Logo grab and Bloco.
Its going to be a brilliant year for toys and I hope to keep you up to date with the newest toys and games being reviewed on my blog over the coming months.

As part of my attendance at the toy fair I always like to have a guess at some of the toy toys for Christmas and I expect to see Zoomer, Tamagotchi, Nerf Rebelle and Kurio make an appearance this year as well as Shout by Drummond Park.

I think Elizabeth will absolutely adore all the new My Little Pony items coming out and Alison’s favourite item will no doubt be the Dennis the Menace farting football!

All I have to do now is wait until July for another chance to see some more amazing toys!