Top 5 ways to improve your garden

The weather in the UK isn’t the best but the minute the sun shines I want to grab my laptop and go to work in the garden.  Unfortunately, our garden is not looking the best right now after months of neglect and lots of snow and rain. I really want to make our garden into a nice place to spend the summer and with these top 5 ways to improve a garden, it should be looking brilliant in no time.

Clear all the waste and clutter

This weekend we went round the garden and picked up all of the rubbish that had blown in and raked up all the leaves that had been rotting there all winter. Luckily there wasn’t much to clear out but if you need to clear lots of clutter from your garden then you should be able to get rid of it at your local council recycling centres which are free to the domestic user. If you don’t have transport then you might be better to hire a skip.

Plant some flowers

Buying and planting flowers that have already sprouted allow you to make a big change to the way your garden looks very quickly. Planting flowers in tubs allows you to move them into the position that you want them and they are easier to maintain.

Paint the woodwork

Painting fences and sheds can really change the whole look of your garden. This is a very low-cost way to keep them from rotting and make them look like new. It is easy to do although applying it with a paintbrush can be a slow process. You can get an electric paint sprayer which will spray most brush on wood preserve and they are a lot quicker than using a brush but can be messier.

Update the furniture

Some of my garden furniture has definitely looked better and after a few years out in the rain of Manchester, it is time to update it. By clearing out the old worn out furniture and placing it you can really improve your garden. It won’t only look better but it will also make you more comfortable when you are out enjoying the sunshine when it finally arrives.

Take care of the grass

Looking after your lawn can make a big difference to the way your garden looks. Unfortunately, if you have a lawn like mine then it doesn’t matter how much you mow it. Our garden gets really waterlogged. My dream would be to one day replace our lawn with artificial grass but for now, we will just have to mow it and hope it dries out soon.