Top Ways to Exercise Without a Gym Membership

Our lifestyles nowadays are much more hectic and stress-induced than previously. This often means we eat for convenience and we are often always ‘on the go.’ In a world where time is money there isn’t a minute to spare. These busy lifestyles can really impact our health. People often associate exercise with a gym membership. Going to a gym can be beneficial but you need to have dedicated time to get there and there is an associated cost. Instead why not ditch that misconception and consider these top ways to exercise without a gym membership.

Take the Stairs

Make a simple change buy simply opting for the stairs over the lift or escalator. The amount of time this will add to your day is seconds but the health benefits are huge and it’s entirely free. At first if you are unfit this can feel strenuous but it will only take your body a short time to adjust. Eventually you’ll be taking those stairs two at a time without a second thought!

Count your Steps

Invest in a step tracker and set yourself a step goal to achieve each day. Basic step trackers are really inexpensive but it gives you a visual aid that can encourage you to get up off your seat and do some exercise. Make it fun by compromising that when you make a drink you walk the long way or you must hit a certain number of steps before you can take a break. Seeing those numbers increase is a real motivation and it will show you when you’ve had a less active day and encourage you to meet your goals.

Why not get step trackers for the whole family and set challenges between yourselves to help keep you motivated?

Consider your Commute

If possible consider how you get about day to day. Get off the bus a stop early and choose to walk where you can because it all adds up. When walking choose a brisk pace to get your heart going and blood pumping. Of course, walking can take longer and if you are short for time perhaps consider commuting by bike. Cycling is much faster than walking and often you can avoid traffic and other delays you would experience by car. For a selection of cheap road bikes, click this link. It’s worth noting that you can take bikes on most train services so consider combining cycling if your commute is longer.

Keep it at Home

Turn your living room into a makeshift gym whenever you need by putting on an exercise DVD at home. You can often pick up second-hand DVD’s in local charity shops for pennies so you can build up a selection for whatever you feel in the mood for. If you don’t want to spend money on DVD’s there are tutorials on YouTube as well as detailed infographics on the internet. If you don’t feel like following anything in particular – move the furniture and turn up the music and just get moving around.

The most important thing to remember when exercising is don’t push yourself too hard. Start small and build your way up to match your fitness. Make sure you research how to warm up and cool down before and after exercise to prevent accident or exercise. Try to incorporate exercise into