Top tips for taking your kids to the theatre to see Scooby Doo live


Back in April we headed to the Lowry theatre to watch Scooby Doo The mystery of the pyramid and we really enjoyed it. In fact the girls have been talking about it loads ever since and so I was looking at booking us to go again. As it has already visited Manchester I was hoping to tie it into a trip to visit family so the show in Basingstoke this week would be perfect.

We absolutely love going to the theatre but I have realised that some parents try to avoid going with their children so I thought I would write a top tips post on how to keep your kids happy, entertained and pester free as much as you can when visiting the theatre.

Entertaining your child whilst waiting

A bored child tends to be an annoying child so make sure you plan activities that you know will keep them occupied whilst waiting for the show to start and during the interval. A comic can be a great way of doing this as they usually come with some form of plastic tat that kids love. A Scooby Doo comic would be perfect when going to see Scooby Doo Live The
Mystery of the Pyramid. Also take a notepad and a pencil as all kids love to draw or scribble. Alternatively print off the worksheets below and pack some crayons to give them a themed activity. If you forget these then games such as eye spy or shopping list are a great way to pass the time.
Take some snacks with you

Buying snacks at a theatre is enough to bankrupt you some days but by planning ahead you can satisfy all of their snack needs which saving your pocket. I love making a little pack lunch for them to carry in their own little bags. Some Microwavable popcorn split into little bags really stretches the budget, add some sliced apple or an easy peel orange for sweetness and a carton of juice or bottle of water for hydration and they shoudl have everything they need. However I know how much they beg for ice cream at the interval so freeze a yogurt stick and add that to the lunch bag just as you leave and it should be the perfect temperature and consistency to keep the kids happy.

Don’t travel too far

Most theatre shows run quite late into the night so travelling a long distance to go and watch a show could mean you already have a tired child before you go. Consider checking into a hotel close by for those going to the Basingstoke show consider staying at the Holiday Inn Basingstoke or one of the others close by like the Holiday Inn Farnborough or the Holiday Inn Guildford. All of which have fantastic family rooms.


From cuddly toys and tshirts to posters, programmes and flashy toys, they will all be available and your child will want them all! If you do want them to have something to remember the day by then buy a small item from somewhere like Home bargains that always seems to have a stock of Scooby Doo toys. If its flashing toys your children always want, like mine always seem to do then some glow sticks make a cheap and easy to use alternative which the kids love. allow them to snap and shake them and they love it even more. When they stop glowing place them in the freezer for future use.

Although these tips are specifically for Scooby Doo Live I find that they work for nearly anything that we do with the girls. Preparation and planning seems to be the key to a stress free, fun packed time away from home. Do you have any top tips for