Top tips for puppy proofing your house and garden

Are you looking at getting a new puppy? Puppies are almost as mischievous as toddlers so puppy proofing your house and garden is very important. Once you have bought everything that you need for your new puppy it is time to think about preparing your house.

Below I take a look at some of the things you can do to keep your puppy safe.

1. Pick up small items

Puppies are notorious for mouthing everything and you will be amazed at all of the things that they will put in their mouths. Before bringing your puppy home crawl around on the floor looking for things that they might find. You may also need to keep your shoes off the floor as some puppies love chewing shoes.

2. Remove all loose cords

Trailing electrical cords are very dangerous to puppies who are prone to bite things. Make sure that you remove all loose cords and keep them out of reach of your puppy.

3. Keep bags out of reach

There are many things in your handbags that could be dangerous for puppies including products containing Xylitol which is very poisonous. Puppies are very nosey so they will enjoy looking through all sorts of bags which can cause suffocation.

4. Remove poisonous plants

A lot of household or garden plants are poisonous to dogs, make sure you look at all of the plants in your garden and check that you don’t have any that are dangerous. You also need to be careful when bringing bunches of flowers into the house as a lot of these are also poisonous.

5. Prepare your garden

Fixing holes in the fence and making sure puppies can not access any open water is very important. Preparing your garden isn’t just about ensuring your puppies safety though, this will also be their playground and sometimes their toilet. Cleaning artificial grass is a lot easier than natural grass so if you know they will spend a lot of time in the garden then this could be a great option.

6. Pack away your rugs

Puppies have accidents when toilet training so packing away your rugs means that you won’t be cleaning up puppy puddles from your precious soft furnishings.

7. Create a safe space for your puppy

All puppies need their own space that is safe and secure. You need to know that when your puppy is there that they can’t get up to any trouble so it is worth investing in a crate and making it homely.