Top Outdoor toys for a fun filled summer

With summer hopefully on its way, we challenged ourselves to find some of the best fun and affordable outdoor toys and we were not disappointed. Below are a selection of some of the toys we enjoyed the most.
A Watergun shaped like an Astronaut Spacepack, what is not to enjoy about this fabulous creation. A great addition to outdoor fun and with a huge water tank and two jets of water prepare to get soaked.
Are you any good at balancing things? Balanstix will challenge even the most coordinated as you balance the stick on your hand and add the weights to the top. How many can you balance?
Bubabloon is a cotton cover for a normal 12″ balloon meaning you can use it as a ball and make the balloon last longer. As the cover is reusable and washable you can put it in your bag with some spare balloons for fun wherever you go.
A simple concept that is lots of fun. Ring Stix challenges you to throw and catch a ring just using the two sticks in your hand. It takes practice but it loads of fun.
Get practicing those over arm throws with the Revell Fast Arrow. The harder you throw it the louder it whistles and the kids love hearing it whistle.
Wubble is a huge inflatable ball that is light weight and feels like a giant balloon. It is loads of fun and the whole family will enjoy it.
Have you seen any other toys that you think should be on this list?