Top 5 Ways to Entertain Your Under 5’s

Finding an activity that is toddler-friendly can be difficult; most activities require an age restriction or even a height restriction, which can rule out your under 5’s. As a parent, you’re probably on the lookout for something different to do with your little ones and make sure they can join in the fun. So, what are your options? Here is just a bit of inspiration to get you started for those weekends or weekdays off with your toddler.


Cupcakes are quick and easy to make and little ones can get involved in the weighing and mixing of ingredients, as well as putting the mixture into cupcake cases. Lots of stores sell cases in fun colours to make this step more exciting. Just keep the kids away from the oven!

For little ones, the fun is in the decorations (and the eating, of course!), so to make this activity easier you can always pick up ready-made cupcakes or even decorate biscuits. A selection of icing tubes and little sweets, chocolate drops, sprinkles and marshmallows can turn a boring cake or biscuit into a mini-masterpiece. You may need to help your littlest ones with the icing tubes, but making sure they are easy to squeeze makes sure they can get involved.

Visit your local trampoline park

Toddlers have lots of excess energy that can be a nightmare at bedtime, and it sometimes results in a tantrum when you least expect it. Keeping them active is a great way to burn off this energy and keep your kids happy and healthy. A trampoline park may not be your first thought, but thanks to growing popularity, there are now toddler sessions specially designed for under 5’s.

Many parks host special toddler activities sessions where your little ones can enjoy playtime, away from the older kids who can be somewhat boisterous at times!

A visit to see the animals

Introducing your little ones to the different animals and other species is an exciting thought; teaching them what all the animals are is an experience for the whole family! Taking them to the zoo or aquarium is a fun way to put this into practice.

Some zoos have petting zoos inside where your little ones can enjoy getting up close with the animals. Often there are also shops where you can buy animal-themed toys and figures as a memento and to bring some of the fun home.

Arts and crafts

Kids of all ages love getting crafty, but under 5’s especially love getting stuck in and making a mess. Crayons and pens and a huge piece of paper make for creative masterpieces and if you’re feeling brave, add in some paint for finger painting fun. PVA glue and a selection of feathers and bobbles add a tactile element and can be stuck on top of drawings and paintings. Just check any craft kits are suitable for kids of younger ages – sometimes they contain sequins or beads which are only suitable for older children. For convenience, check out the kits aimed at under 5’s at your local crafts store.

Get gardening

Textures and colours are especially fun for under 5’s, as is getting dirty. Planting bulbs in winter to prepare for a display of daffodils and tulips in the spring is a fun way for kids to get messy, as well as getting your garden in shape. If you do the digging, kids will love putting in bulbs or bedding plants. While you’re gardening, kids can also feed the birds with leftover bread, or put seeds into a birdhouse. Involving your kids in garden activities gets them out in the fresh air and feeling like a grown up.

Whether you’re looking to keep your under 5’s entertained at home or out of the house, there is a whole host of activities available.