Tired Mummy of Two’s Top 50 Toys of 2015 (plus the Dream Toys list)

 Now today is the day where the top toys of 2015 are released and they will be shouted from the rooftops, the tv and the newspapers in a bid to get you to buy them for your kids. It is called the Dream Toys list and although it is a great guide I do find that it lacks depth and as it only includes toys that the manufacturers have paid to put forward it misses a huge section of the toy industry who I think should also gain some recognition for their product.

Over the last month, I have worked hard to compile reviews for what I think are the top toys of 2015. They come in many categories, but each one on the list below is linked to a review on that particular product that will show you it in more detail.  They are not in any particular order but are an overall selection of toys that I would happily recommend.

So here you go, this is Tired Mummy of Two’s Top 50 toys of 2015.

Remote Controlled

These products all have controllers or charging bases. The vary in price point but are on the list because of their quality, differences from other similar products on the market and their value for money.
Teksta Scorpion
Flutterbye Flying Unicorn
​Air Hogs Zero Gravity
Real FX
Micro Scalextric

Computer games or app controlled products

These items either have an App that can be used to play with it or it is playable on a console but uses toy based products to play. They vary in age suitability, but I have judged them based on their recommended age range.
Meccanoid G15
My Friend Freddy Bear
Pebli Town
Lego Dimensions
Disney Infinity 3.0
Skylanders Superchargers
Leappad Epic and Platinum


The Cosmetics category is a tricky one, these items have all been selected on their individual merits based on quality, difference and how well the product actually does what is advertised. They stand out against their competitors for various reasons which are explained in the individual reviews.
Easy Nails Nail Spa
Sweet Care Spa
​Monster High Gore-geous Anti Styling Head
​FabLab Style Lab


These items all use batteries but do not use a remote control.  They vary in price point and age range but stand out against their competitors for quality and originality.
Wild Pets Spider
Tumblin Stuart
Chubby Puppies
​​Little Live Pets Clever Keet
​Blu Blu the dolphin
​Baby Annabell
​Sing Along Elsa
Max Tow


The Construction category is always a tricky one, but it was great to see some new players in the UK toy market with the launch of K-Force and Sprukits as well as seeing some old favourite up their game with the quality and playability of some of their sets.
Hot Wheels Track Builder Volcano Blast
Lego in particular Lego Batman Jokerland
K’nex rollercoaster
K-Force 6 in 1

Outdoor Toys

I could have added so many other products into this category but as I was trying to keep it realistic I had to disallow some of them due to their RRP. Not everyone can afford to spend £300 + on a Christmas present. The three scooters are selected for their pricing and quality of build and Wubble is here for its originality and playability.
Razor E100S Electric Scooter
Yvolution Y-Flicker Air A3 Scooter
MicroScooter Maxi Scooter (In fact any Microscooter will do!)
Wubble Ball

Imagination and creative play

Getting the kids to be creative and use their imaginations are easier than you think when you remove all the electronic gadgets. These items were selected for quality and easy of use as well as originality in some respects.
Kinetic Sand
Frozen Snow Spray sleeve
Knits Cool
Cool Create
The Ugglys Pet Shop playsets and collectibles
Barbie Saddle ‘N Ride

Soft Toys

Soft toys don’t have to be boring as these products have shown. Brilliant quality and all with an added feature that makes them stand out.
Once Upon a Time Princess Peppa
Puppy Surprise

Board Games and similar products

We love playing board games and finding something new that we all enjoy is a challenge, but these have all been fantastic. Obviously Pie Face is on this list as it has been a favourite since it arrived in our house in February but the others have also been surprising. Gee Whizz was another surprise as a magic set aimed for young children we were really impressed with the quality of the tricks in the set and the ease in which they could be used so that had a big thumbs up from us.
Disney Pictopia
Disney Palace Pets Royal Pets Salon
Sshh! Don’t wake dad! 
Pie Face
Gee Whizz
Although the top 50 toys I have selected does feature some of the biggest toys out this year I feel that it also recognises some of the lesser known products which your kids will love.

​The Dream Toys top twelve are sure to be popular on the letters to Santa this year and will no doubt fly off the shelves so now is the time to start thinking about what you are going to buy and watch out for all the big retailer sales which have already started and will continue over the coming weeks.

DreamToys Top twelve (in alphabetical order)

Disney Frozen Sing-a-long Elsa
IDO3D Deluxe 3D design studio
Lego – City Deep Sea Exploration Vessel
Lego – Star Wars Kylo Ren’s command shuttle
Little Live Pets Cleverkeet
Paw Patrol Paw Patroller
Pie Face
Shopkins Food Fair – scoops ice cream truck
Star Wars Bladebuilder Jedi Master Lightsaber
Star Wars The Force Awakens Millenium Falcon
Thunderbirds – Interactive Tracy Island Playset
Toot-Toot Friends Busy sounds discovery home