Tired mummy of Two’s #Fairytale                                –        #Kitchentales

Once upon a time the queen had the kitchen of her dreams
Lots of cupboards and appliances all in black and creams
The floor was slate, the work surfaces marble

To see it all sparkle was such a marvel.

Time moved on and life got in the way
she was sad to leave on moving day
A new house beckoned the kitchen was white
small and dirty it was a horrible sight.

The rent was cheaper so life was more fun
It wasnt long before she became a mum
A princess was born all soft and pink
but she wouldnt bath her in that horrible sink.

Another princess appeared the house felt small
a new house was found with ceilings tall
the kitchen was big but the yard was tiny
it was an old house not new and shiny
She stayed there a while enjoying the space
but it didnt feel homely not even a trace.
A new home was found with a garden so big
to play, to relax and even to dig.

The living space was perfect and lovely to see
the bedrooms the rights size for her plus three
with an ensuite, a bathroom and toilets galore
She shouldn’t really have wanted more

Except the kitchen was shiny, lovely and new
but it wouldnt be suitable for more than two
Cooking together is quite a squeeze
you couldnt entertain in there with ease.

Some more added shelves, some imagination
making it work with determination
the kitchen may be small but the rest of the house
is perfect for them all and even their mouse.

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