Tips on how to redecorate your home on a budget

If you are thinking about revamping your home in time for summer, but you don’t have the budget to give your place the makeover, don’t panic! There are a host of simple things you can do, to make the most of your space without breaking the bank.
It’s amazing what a quick lick of paint can do to freshen up a room. For a clean, fresh look, opt for duck egg blue or lavender to give your room a new lease of life. Stay away from dark shades if your room is small, lighter shades will open out the space and make it feel airy. If you plan to paint your furniture to better suit your new room, remember to prepare it by rubbing off the factory layer with sandpaper before you start. Next, apply two thin layers of paint, then once it has tried apply a layer of acrylic to seal it. A very light sanding between coats will help with longevity too. Taupe, beige and shades of white are your best bet for ensuring it will go with everything in the room, particularly if you opt to paint the room a vibrant colour.
Little things like buying new cushion covers or throws can help recreate the look of redecorating, without spending a lot of cash. This is the quickest and easiest way to change the look of your space, particularly if you rent your home, as significant redecoration will probably break the terms of your lease. Instead, change your soft furnishings and alter little things like the window dressings. Swap long, heavy curtains for louvred blinds and stacked wicker baskets for a crisp finish.

Customise your furniture

Sometimes changing the furniture can make the best of a small space, for example, a small corner sofa will still seat four people, but will take up less space than an oblong one. Retailers like Tesco have a wide range of furniture at differing prices, which can make the perfect canvas for customising.

If you haven’t tried decoupage (or as it’s most commonly known- Mod Podging), you really are missing out. It’s one of the cheapest and most effective ways to revamp furniture. You can use anything from newspaper cutouts to magazine pages, old wallpaper scraps or even fabrics. Simply sand down your chosen piece of furniture, paint a layer of base formula and cut your items to fit your piece. You can then apply a layer of Mod Podge glue and stick it on your chosen collage items. Finish off the process with a layer of finishing acrylic, before allowing it to dry. It sounds complicated, but it’s really simple and there are plenty of online tutorials to help you out.

Before you start planning your revamp it’s a good idea to get as much inspiration as possible. Why not create a collage board of ideas from magazines and even fabric cuttings, to help you get a good idea of what you want before you spend any money?