Tips for decorating your garden on a budget

Spring might not feel like it is in the air but it isn’t far away so it is the ideal time to start thinking about how you want your garden to look this year. Unfortunately, when updating your garden the costs can soon add up so I am looking at some ways to have the garden you love on a modest budget.

Upcycle and repurpose old items into brand new ones

Upcycling has been popular for years and this trend is not going away. If you have some old garden furniture then don’t throw it away to buy new, why not have a look at some of the ways that you can make it better. Replacing wooden slats on a bench and adding a new lick of paint can make your old garden furniture look amazing. It is surprising the difference some varnish will make to your shed or fence panels and these cheap tricks will make your garden feel like new in no time.



Get crafty and DIY your own things

When wandering around a garden centre make sure you pay attention to those eye-catching pieces that look handmade. The chances are that you can create them easily at home. Think about mosaic art or potted floral arrangements which would cost a lot less to make yourself. A handmade hanging basket can be half the price of one made for you. 

Shop online for great finds

If you do want to opt for new things, particularly if your craft skills are anything like mine then you need to get smart about where you shop. Look around in pricey garden centres and homeware stores to get an idea of what you want, but then head to cheaper stores to find more budget-friendly versions of the products you like. Shopping online is perfect for things like this but make sure you use vouchers and discount codes like the ones for Wayfair over on Groupon. This makes your online shopping so much cheaper and allows you to use your budget wisely.

 Use things you already have in your home outdoors

Bring the indoors out by incorporating some of your decor items in your home into your garden. There is bound to be loads of things you can repurpose from your home into your garden, such as things like tin cans or old mason jars that can become plant potters or tea light holders. You could even get really crafty and use things like old chairs, tables, ladders and drawers to make interesting and unique plant orientated ornaments.

Get the kids involved

If you have little ones that love spending lots of time in the garden, why not get them involved when it comes to decorating it? They’re likely to have lots of ideas and can use their imagination to help you make things that won’t cost the earth! How about a fairy garden or pebble painting, for example? You could set them the challenge that they are only allowed to use things they’ve found…and therefore not stuff you can buy. Bargain!

Painted rock by Mini Travellers