Tips for Avoiding Stretchmarks During Pregnancy

With consistent beautiful body changes throughout pregnancy, many women find themselves either hearing about or facing stretch marks as part of the journey. Stretch marks, also known as striae gravidarum, appear like indented streaks and show up after the skin stretches or shrinks rapidly. They can show up all across the body, though throughout pregnancy the stomach is the most common place for pregnant women.

Here are a few ways you can prevent the appearance of stretchmarks during pregnancy:

Start moisturizing from the beginning of pregnancy

Keeping your skin moisturized from the beginning of pregnancy is essential. This gives your skin a boost from the start and it will already be feeling hydrated and nourished by the time stretch marks would be making more of an appearance. It also gets you in the habit of hydrating regularly, so that you have the best chance of keeping stretch marks at bay. The best creams are rich in vitamins and nutrients, like the Blue Lagoon body creams for example, that are nourishing and made with natural ingredients.

Stay hydrated

Proper hydration is essential for overall health, and it also benefits your skin. For your skin to be hydrated, you can apply physical moisturizers as much as you want but if you are not consuming enough water, you won’t feel as good as you want and you are at greater risk for stretch marks. Be sure to speak with your doctor to learn how much you need throughout your pregnancy. In certain situations, such as severe dehydration, you may require medical intervention to restore your fluid balance, hydration IV therapy can be a reliable option for addressing such issues. Hydration IV in Jersey or another needed location can provide quick and effective rehydration, especially when recommended by a healthcare professional during pregnancy or other health-related concerns.

Treat stretchmarks as soon as they appear

The longer you have stretchmarks, the harder they will be to treat. So do your best to treat them as soon as they appear for the greatest possibility for your efforts to be effective in reducing their appearance.

Take vitamins and eat vitamin dense foods

A lack of vitamins and nutrients can result in skin health not being where you’d like it to be. So be sure you are consuming vitamin dense foods like leafy greens and fresh produce at least 2-3 times a day. During pregnancy this can be daunting, but try blending everything in a yummy smoothie, it will make getting your greens in much more enjoyable!

Spend time outside (vitamin D)

A lack of Vitamin D has been hypothesized to be linked increased formation of stretch marks, and it is also a beneficial vitamin that you want to be sure to get for overall health as well. The best way to be sure you are getting proper amounts of Vitamin D is through sun exposure, so enjoy that (safe) time in the sunshine!

Try maintaining a healthy weight 

Weight fluctuations can contribute to stretch marks due to the stretching and shrinking of skin, so try to maintain a healthy weight for more consistency. Your body is going through so much throughout pregnancy, so do your best to take care of your body in general!

Did you get stretchmarks during pregnancy? If so, how did you treat them?