Throwing Alison a party


Alison is one of the unfortunate children who have a birthday at the wrong time of year, whether it is during the summer holidays, Christmas or at New year there are certain times when a birthday party becomes more of a struggle.

Elizabeth had a perfect party in the local church hall. It had everything that you could imagine at a party – sweets, magician, dj, facepainter and balloon modelling not forgetting the cake.

Elizabeth’s birthday is in June, an easy time of year with no stress about the weather. It was a brilliant party with friends old and new and family we had not seen in a while all in one place.

Alison has simpler tastes. She asked for a party at home. She wanted it small but she has high expectations for a almost four year old.

Starting off with the invitations. I can’t just buy party invitations from the local supermarket. She chose some personalised kids party invitations that I could put her picture on. She then helped me personalise them with additional dinosaurs.

We have been having conversations about what food she wants serving. There will be no cold sausage rolls or jam sandwiches at her party. Oh no, Alison is all about Olives, Antipasti, hot dishes like lasagne and a wide variety of sweet treats.

With the weather looking dry on Sunday I think we will be heading into the garden to have lots of fun together with pass the parcel and musical statues. I have been told that I have to put a small toy in each layer of the parcel and she helped me select some Disney Cars ones from our local tescos. We won’t be issuing party bags as I always find that I just throw the bits in the bin and it is such a waste of money.

Alison obviously has no issues with mixing themes with dinosaur invitations, Italian food and Cars pass the parcels.

I suppose as a parent we put so much emphasis on making a birthday party special and ensuring everything matches when really the kids don’t mind. They will have fun whether the decorations are all matching or not. They just want their friends to all me together in one place to run around and play games together. So one thing you have to get right is the invitations because without those you wont have any guests.

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