They are not babies anymore

At some point in a childs life we come to the realisation that they are not babies any more. We notice the small things slowly creeping up on you and then all of a sudden wham a whole day worth of “Oh my god she is not my baby anymore”. Yesterday I had this. However it wasn’t the realisation that one of my babies had grown up, it was the realisation that they had both grown up.

Seeing them standing in a queue with their arms around each other like best friends made me realise how good home schooling has been on their relationship, how the sisterly bond that struggled after so much upheaval and heart ache has finally been repaired. Watching with my heart in my mouth as they sit together without an adult in the carriage on the runaway mine train. Seeing them swim underwater for full lengths of the volcano pool in splash water world over and over again.

My girls are not babies anymore and although it has crept up on me I am so proud of the little ladies that they are becoming. They have both been through so much and yet they continue to amaze me with their resilience and their can do attitude. If they continue like this I know that they will grow up to be bloody brilliant!