The Scottish brand making sustainable quirky underwear

Sustainable fashion can be described as clothing and shoes that are manufactured, marketed and distributed in the most eco-friendly way available, thinking about the impact on both the environment and those involved with the creation of the clothes etc. What this looks like in practice, is companies continually working to improve on the different steps involved along the way making the product as well as marketing it, transporting it, and of course selling it. This could be something as simple as using recycled or recyclable materials in the product itself, or using fuel-efficient means of transportation, but also ensuring workers are paid fairly and work in safe conditions at each stage.

The issue with sustainable fashion

The issue with sustainable fashion seems to be finding products that are sustainable through every stage of the life cycle, whilst also being quality products made with quality materials, marketed in a way that makes them desirable for something other than sustainability.

As well as a product looking good, another big factor in the world of fashion is of course comfort. Take boxer shorts for example – boxer shorts need to be made from soft material that hugs the body properly whilst still being breathable and supportive.

Scotland’s new sustainable underwear brand

Enter Bawbags, a fun, quirky and sustainable Scottish brand of boxer shorts and accessories. Bawbags Rugby Boxer Shorts are incredibly comfortable and breathable, and as the name suggests, are perfect for keeping you cool and comfortable while playing rugby on a hot day, or nice and cosy standing at the stadium watching your favourite team.

They come in many different styles with a range of different designs to choose from, including the colours of the Scottish National team and Tartan Cotton Boxer Shorts.

What do Bawbags offer?

As well as the Rugby Boxer Shorts, Bawbags also have Football Boxer Shorts, which display a range of different teams including the Scottish national team which comes in the traditional Scottish colours. Their Cool De Sac boxers range are special boxers, designed to be cool and comfortable when you’re out and about on the field, or even going to the gym or hitting the pavement for a run. There is also a wide range of options for women, including the Woman’s Scotland National Team Tartan Cotton Underwear.

Why this brand is important

Socio-economic sustainability is just as important as environmental sustainability and this is where Bawbags stand out from their competitors. Every purchase you make through their site is helping someone somewhere who’s in need, as donations from every sale are given to charities such as Teenage Cancer Trust, Orchid and Medical Detection Dogs.

As well as this, Bawbags are also huge supporters of the teams and athletes that they love, as their time now includes some of the world’s most well-known skiers, snowboarders, skaters and of course rugby players.

Their underwear was even worn by athletes at the Olympics and Commonwealth Games, as they’re fantastically functional on top of being quirky and cool.

Your hunt for quirky and sustainable underwear is now over – click here to check out Bawbags and see what boxers are best for you.