The Popchips #GetPopped Challenge – Day Two – Toytopia and Southport Pleasure Beach Fireworks #MultiPopchips

Day two of the Popchips Get Popped Challenge has been a busy one but although it has been busy we have taken the time out to chill out and spend some quality time together. With Gaming Daddy of Two at work, I set off to Liverpool with the girls to visit ToyTopia. ToyTopia is the first event of its kind that is open to the public and allows children and adults to get hands-on with a variety of toys as well as take part in challenges and activities. 

The girls absolutely loved it and we raced back and forth around the room as they tried each new toy out.  

There was so much to do but the place they loved the most was the Minecraft area.  Located next to a cafe the organisers had planned this well so the parents could relax as the kids spent many hours immersed in the strange block world that they are so obsessed with.

This was the calm before the storm so I sat down with a cup of coffee, my bag of Popchips and my kindle to relax and recharge before heading across to Southport for an evening of entertainment.

In the late afternoon, I pulled the children away from Minecraft and drove up to Southport. I had never been to Southport Pleasure Beach before so I was not sure what to expect when we arrived. It certainly looked like it could do with updating as the whole area looked a bit run down, but they had gone to town with all the Halloween decorations and the girls thought it was fabulous. We had an all you can ride ticket which meant I didn’t have to worry about how much it was costing for all the rides that the girls wanted to go on and we had a fantastic time. As the area is free to go in and you only have to pay for tokens for the rides it soon became busy as we neared the time for the fireworks.

The display was really good although my photos of the display are dreadful we had a really good time. We sat together with some hot chocolate oohing and aahing as the fireworks exploded and being thankful for the opportunity to spend time together doing these things. 

We had yet another amazing day together and we are looking forward to see what other fun activities the week has in store for us.