The PopChips #GetPopped Challenge – Day One – A family day out to the park #Multipopchips

Along with five other bloggers I have been challenge to take part in 6 days of enjoyable, fun and uplifting activities to help celebrate the launch of the new Popchips multipacks which come with 6 packs inside. Together with my Popchips we are going to make this a half term to remember so I have been thinking about a variety of activities that I can do with the girls that would be enjoyable for all of us. Unfortunately, Gaming Daddy of Two is working for most of the half term so we decided to take advantage of him being at home today to go and spend the day together. 

We grabbed our Popchips and set off for an autumn walk through our local park.

Going to the park together as a family is one of the girls favourite things to do and we have a great park near us which allows us to walk through the autumn leaves, feed the ducks and geese as well as play in a really well-maintained play area.  

Elizabeth loves climbing the trees and found this beautiful tree with red leaves that she just had to climb.

Alison loved playing in the leaves too. We were looking at all the different colours and building piles to jump in and kick around. Autumn is definitely my favourite time of year to visit parks due to all the colours and the mild weather.
The park really is somewhere where we can all let our hair down and it is amazing that something so simple as a family walk can really help us all feel happier and be nicer to each other. I always find Sundays to be a difficult day of the week with the girls but by making ourselves go out we managed to blow away any bad moods and we cam back feeling so much better.
Before we headed home we popped by to feed the ducks and the geese the left over bread from the week. This has been a favourite activity of ours for many years and it seems that you are never too old to enjoy it. Unfortunately for me one of the geese decided that my Popchips tasted better than the bread and stole them out of my hand as I was posing for a photo with them. The picture was supposed to be of me avoiding the nearby McDonalds by having a healthy snack, instead it was of one of the geese enjoying them!
It is only day one but already I am thankful to Popchips for making us get out of the house and have fun together as a family, it really has made a difference to our day.