The nights are hardest

Well there was definitely a distinct lack of sleep last night. I’m getting better at sleeping through everyone else’s beeping but Elizabeth’s machines did a lot of beeping last night.

Ever since she came out of theatre on Friday she has been complaining about her belly. We believe that when she was put to sleep with the gas mask she gulped a lot of air. Well last night her belly was so distented that she almost didnt have a belly button, a bit of lactulose and I am expected her to explode at some point. One of the side effects of one of her chemotherapy drugs is joint pain. This became evident last night as she struggled to get herself comfortable. She eventually fell into a deep sleep just after midnight but her breathing was so quick they had her on a pulse reader which kept beeping every few minutes. This does not make for good sleep. After a few hours they decided she was breathing that way because of her belly being so distended there was not enough space for air in her lungs.

At around 2am I basically passed out and apart from a few small interruptions I managed to sleep for about 6 hours. I feel tired right now but the coffee in my hand is beginning to take effect.

I need to give Elizabeth her medicines this morning which is getting a little bit easier but there seems to be more and more of them to give which isn’t helping.

Apart from a little bit of tiredness and slight discomfort she is doing really well and there is no sickness which is good