The most hilarious circus you will ever see – Cirque Du Hilarious Blackpool Central Pier

Yesterday I was very lucky to get to watch Cirque Du Hilarious not once but twice! Now most people would think that watching the same show twice in the same day would be boring but it was fantastic and in fact we wanted to watch it all over again!

We have seen Cirque Du Hilarious a few times at Butlins over the last few years so we jumped at the chance to see them perform their current show in Blackpool at the Central Pier. We had the choice to go anytime between 21st July and 31st August (apart from Fridays) but  we couldn’t wait any long and went to watch them on the opening day.

Cirque Du Hilarious is headed up by the brilliant Clive Webb and the fabulous Danny Adams along with Mick Potts and the rest of the gang. It is side splittingly funny and I definitely recommend a trip to the loo or a tena lady.  Clive and Danny are a fantastic father and son team who nearly had me rolling in the aisles and certainly had me crying with laughter in places.

If you are nearby you really should go and see them as they are absolutely the funniest thing I have seen in years!