The House of Magic Cinema Preview

The House of Magic is a must-see family adventure  that is in cinemas from 25th July. It is the first film I have seen that I think must be viewed in 3D to really appreciate the amazing affects.

A poor abandoned you cat see
ks shelter from a storm in a mysterious spooky looking mansion owned by retired magician. The Magician shares his house with a mad array of animals, robots and gizmos that help to look after the house and the aging magician. The magician, Lawrence, names the cat Thunder and makes him feel welcome, but Jack the rabbit and Maggie the mouse start plotting to get him kicked out.

Unfortunately Lawrence ends up in the hospital and his nephew tries to trick him into selling the house. Lucky for Lawrence Thunder and the other inhabitants develop a spooky strategy to defend their home and they turn their house into a haunted mansion, using Thunder as their secret weapon.

This is definitely a must see family film!