The General Election – where’s the fun in that?

The girls school is being used as a polling station today so this morning I took the opportunity to explain to them about voting and the government. Not that I know very much. I am 31 years of age and today was the first time that I voted. 

I have always been of the opinion that each political party was as bad as the next, promising amazing things and failing to get them done but with UKIP gaining supporters I decided that there was definitely a worse option. My apathy towards voting has been swayed by the stupidity of the masses.

Trying to explain to a five and a six year old the intricacies of government and how voting works both locally and nationally seemed to be going well until Elizabeth decided that everyone should just vote for me. Its nice to know I have her support even if I am not listed on the ballot paper.

Voting is one of those subjects that can divide a community and split households just knowing that Gaming Daddy of Two voted for someone else mildly irritates me. I mean if you are going to actually bother you should really put some thought into who you will vote for. As voting is being taken so seriously and I can see the tension starting to rise on my facebook feed it was a light hearted relief when this ugly mug showed up on my time line.

You see with the government hanging in the balance and the chance of yet another coalition ahead of us My Voucher Codes decided to commission a light hearted piece. The phrase “in bed together” takes on a new meaning as instead of just being in cahoots we see what the children from these coalitions might look like