The Futliit Back Pack

With two teenager children I am often worrying about them when they are out and about, especially in the winter months when the days are shorter and both the mornings and evenings are darker but the Futliit backpack has helped to elevate some of those concerns.

The Futliit backpack is a brilliant idea. Essentially it is just a school bag but the addition of the LED lights make it so much more than just a bag, it becomes a way to ensure your children are visible in the dark, keeping them safe and you a little less worried.

There are two strips of ultra bright white LED lights which can be operated without removing the bag by pressing the button on the strap, so if your child suddenly feels it has gone dark or they find themselves on an unlit road they can turn them on within seconds. There are also 3 different settings so the LED lights can either flash slowly, quickly or remain on constantly.

A person wearing a backpack while staying warm.

In addition to the LED lights there are also additional high vis strips that are reflective at all times so even if the lights haven’t been turned on your child will still be more visible then if wearing a plain black bag.

The bag itself has also been very much designed with high school children in mind. Firstly, the colour is a simple, stylish and unisex grey which will go with all uniforms. Secondly, it is big enough to carry all the books your child needs for the day as well as a laptop (up to 15 inches) in the cushioned laptop pocket.

A person wearing a backpack with a light on it is ready for any outdoor adventure.

The kids also loved the fact that there were additional pockets within the bags for the little things they want to be able to grab quickly and keep safe from being lost in the bottom of the bag like cash, keys and spare pens as well as drinks holders on the side for their water bottle.

They also really liked the padded straps as it makes it comfier to carry even with all the weight of their books in it.

Overall, we were very impressed with the Futliit backpack, not just from a visibility point of view but also from a practical stance too and believe that it is perfect for those in year seven as they start their high school journey and get used to walking to and from school or the bus stop for the first time.