The alternative place to shop this Christmas 

Christmas shopping can be one high street store after another but I always like to think outside of the box especially when in search of all the small bits that make Christmas so special. I do a lot of the big present shopping online but when it comes to stocking fillers and the bits in between I like to go and get it. Now one place that a lot of people wouldnt think of going for presents is their local museum. I headed to the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester which is the one place that my kids go mad for the stuff in the gift shop. I decided that it would be the perfect place to go to pick up a few bits but even I was amazed and surprised at just how fabulous it really was so I thought I would share this hidden gem with you.
The whole of the gift shop has had a festive makeover and it looks brilliant which really helped me get in the mood but as well as looking festive it was full to the brim with items that would make such perfect Christmas presents including some amazing Star Wars items which grabbed my attention. 
As part of the girls Christmas presents I always get them a book and I was spoilt for choice looking at the shelves in the Museum of Science and Industries gift shop which included story books, creative books and even books filled with fun facts which I know the kids will love.
The gift shop is not just full of stuff for the kids either as they had some gret kitchen ware such as motherboard themed choping boards and even a cucumber spiraliser. There was also a huge amount of geeky gadgets such as rasberry pi and DIY circuit kits which are great for the older kids or the young at heart. 

The gift shop had a great selection of items that are perfect for the kid stockings too such as bubble guns, spy glasses and circus tricks.

In fact I ended up getting quite a few little bits that I know the girls will love including some astronaut food which they have been asking for the last few times we visited. I even managed to pick up a lump of coal (toffee) for Gaming Daddy of Twos stocking.
So there you have it, why not think outside of the box for your Christmas shopping, you might be surprised just how many fabulous gifts you can find in the most unexpected of places. If you can’t get to the Museum of Science and Industry you can always purchase these items online at the Science Museum Shop.