Tempting the tooth fairy to stay

Elizabeth has had two wobbly teeth at the front for what seems like months and today whilst out for dinner they both decided to vacant their comfortable gummy beds to be wrapped up nice and snug in a bit of toilet roll in my handbag. As I was wrapping them I couldn’t help remember my Mums jewellery box in which was wads of toilet roll with lots of teeth all wrapped up together. The problem came when asking who each tooth belonged too. Having had three older siblings they all got a bit mixed together and my Mum was not as good at looking after the teeth as the Tooth fairy would have been. I can imagine that the Tooth Fairy has millions of draws with our names on in which they store each tooth they collect.
Now losing both front teeth couldn’t really have come at any other time and you would have thought that with the School Photo letter being sent home on Friday and a holiday this week that I could have predicted the timing. After all we have all seen the gappy smiles shining down at us from many family photos and you never really take quite as many photos as you would when visiting a place like Disneyland Paris.

The loss of the teeth did however give me the opportunity to set up our very own “My Own Fairy” door. Sent to us to review a few weeks ago it has been sat waiting for the opportune time for us to welcome a fairy into our home. I didn’t want to do it before we went on holiday as the fairy might get lonely and I didn’t want to do it right after we arrived back because, well, the house was a huge mess and no one wants a fairy to see that.

The My Own Fairy Door set included a wooden door, a small fairy key and a tub of glitter. We were also sent a set of stepping stones and some wall stickers which as you can see really made a difference to the overall look of the fairy door.
When placing the key and sprinkling the glitter we made up a little rhyme.
“We wish, we wish for ever more
to have a fairy live behind this door”
It was quite cute and both of the girls said it as they sprinkled the glitter.

After setting up the door Elizabeth decided to write a letter to the Tooth Fairy as she had realised that as she would get two coins for losing two teeth then she would have a lot more money than Alison. She made the decision to share with her sister which was so cute.

We set the letter beside the door and quick as a flash seen as Elizabeth has now gone to bed the Tooth Fairy has replied.
To reward the generosity that Elizabeth showed by wanting to share the Tooth Fairy has left two £2 coins instead of two £1 coins. It might also have been due to the fact that she didn’t have any change but lets not spoil the illusion.
So the Tooth Fairy has moved in and obviously she reports back to the man in red so hopefully the children will start being the perfect daughters I know they can be and I now have a great new form of control, for after all the door is only very thin and the Tooth Fairy works nights so we wouldn’t want to wake her now would we.