How Taking Care of Yourself Makes You a Better Mum

Just because you have gone from a carefree single to a very busy mum doesn’t mean that you cannot carry on taking good care of yourself!  In fact, taking care of yourself and making you feel good will make you a better mum. Juvea Aesthetics are pleased to tell you that they support a lot of mothers with their specialised services, whether it is for a new mum who wants to have some Laser Stretch Mark Reduction following the birth of their child, to older mums seeking a Breast Lift or Breast Augmentation from Juvea Aesthetics after a few years of breastfeeding have taken their toll.

It is a known fact that mothers work hard 24/7 taking care of their family and their partner while holding down a demanding job and sometimes caring for elderly parents too. Mum’s carry a lot of weight on their shoulders, so it is important that they are allowed to take care of themselves and do things that help to raises their energy and make them feel good about themselves.

Let’s face it, if mum isn’t happy, then nobody is! Running around and keeping on top of a busy schedule and to-do list can leave you stressed or burnt out. When you feel down, it affects everyone in the home too.

As a busy mum, you owe it to yourself to make sure you think of yourself as well as everyone else. This can mean doing simple things like taking an hour out to walk in the countryside to recharge your batteries and breathe, to locking the bathroom door and taking a long and luxuriant bath using your favourite relaxing bath salts. As well as relaxing it is important to ensure that you look and feel good. You wouldn’t let your kids miss a dentist checkup with the Dentist in Sacramento so make sure you don’t either The same goes for the opticians and even getting your ears checked with Auris Ear Care. When you are at your best then you will be able to take on the world.

By simply taking care of your own needs, you will be better at meeting everyone else’s needs and demands and therefore a better mum.

Some things you can do is to schedule regular weekends off where you can pack your kids off to stay with the grandparents so you can get a good nights sleep and a rare morning lie-in. Take some time out to perk up your skin by booking an appointment for a NeoStrata Glycolic Chemical Peel that can visibly diminish the look of fine lines and help to smooth and soften your skin, or breast augmentation from Juvea Aesthetics to give you back your pre-baby shape and boost your self-confidence.

Don’t sweat the small things. When you next find yourself up at midnight folding laundry, then put it down and go to bed. It doesn’t matter that you dress your kids directly from the clean laundry basket for a day or two. No-one will ever know (or even care)!

Remember that life is for living, so why not live it while feeling really good about yourself and being a better mum.