#SuperSummer Bucket List

Ok I have nine weeks before the kids are being handed back to the education system, nine weeks to have as much fun as possible and what better way to do that than make a list.

I actually wrote this list last week and have already crossed some off but here it is my #superSummer bucket list

1) Watch a Concert – done 06/07/14 – Hyde Park – Wheatus (was supposed to see more but it rained!)
2) Spend a whole day at the beach
3) Swim in two different seas
4) See a wild animal
5) Climb a tree
6) Learn to ride a bike
7) Picnic in the park
8) Sleep in a tent
9) Go on a scary ride
10) Go on an airplane ride
11) Go on a Boat ride – done 06/07/14 – a boat on the Thames – the Lollirodger
12) Go on a Train – done – lots of times last week going to Xmas in July events in London
13) Attend a Festival
14) Meet a celebrity
15) Toast marshmallows
16) Visit a new Zoo
17) Pick our own fruit
18) Feed an exotic animal
19) Ride a pony
20) Eat something new – done 03/07/14 – Limoncello Gelato at Waitrose Christmas in July
21) Collect sea shells
22) Have a water fight – done 06/07/14 – on the Lollirodger
23) Wash the car as a family
24) have a bbq
25) Fly a kite
26) Go fishing
27) Build a sandcastle
28) Find 5 new parks and swing on the swings

I decided that although that is a pretty good list I wanted more so I asked some blogger friends for their ideas too.


  • 29) whole day in pyjamas
  • 30) backwards day. Clothes on backwards, walk backwards, dinner for breakfast, cereal for tea.


  • 31) Climb a big hill
  • 32) Give something back day make tea for an older neighbour fill a charity bag etc
  • 33) Have a day full of art and invite family friends over to view the gallery
  • 34) Making icecream sundaes
  • 35) Flower picking and pressing after a lovely nature walk
  • 36) Making something amazing out of the recycling box


  • 37) build a den
  • 38) movie night in with popcorn – make popcorn containers


  • 39) Have a day looking through old photos/cards/letters baby books and sharing family stories
  • 40) Write postcards to family and friends
  •  41) A day where they get to make ALL the decisions and be totally in charge


  • 42) Blackberry picking and make jam with them.My girls made some last year aged 5 and 8


  • 43), roll down a hill  


  • 44) Start the National Trust Things to do before you’re 11 3/4


  • 45) Make something crafty (from Red Ted Art obviously)


  • 46) Have a clear out and a car boot sale.


  • 47) make boats and sail them, watch the stars at night, do indoor camping, learn something new


  • 48) Bury someone in the sand, make a shell picture, go crabbing 

Lots of fabulous things to doto make t this summer but I need too more to make 50 can you think of any?