Styling Christmas with F&F

Being given a £50 voucher to spend on clothes is fantastic, being told I had to spend it on the kids? not so good however with a bit of cunning, a discount code and doubling up Clubcard vouchers I sooner turned my £50 into £80 to spend on the F & F website and sat staring at the lovely clothes.

I may have become distracted by the ladies clothes and after I sneaked a long red jumper dress and a new pair of jeans into my basket (for Christmas day you know) I set about looking through the children’s section.

One problem I have it that Alison will not wear anything in girl colours so it is hard to choose clothes for her without her there. Elizabeth is easier to buy for and after using the fantastic filter abilities so it only showed things in her size I selected a gorgeous two part Sofia the first outfit. With sparkles on the leggings and frills on the top it is a bit more special than everyday clothes yet still comfortable enough for her to run around in.

After sitting down with Alison and looking through the boys section (No I will not allow you to wear a shirt and tie, this is where I draw the line) we finally found a super cute fox jumper and
a nice pair of jeans. She was happy, Elizabeth was happy and i was happy. I particularly love the fluffiness of the fox’s white bits that make the jumper even better.
With me clothed and the kids clothed I decided to use the last bit of money to make Mr Scrooge (Aka Gaming Daddy of Two) even more unhappy on Christmas day with this fantastically tacky musical jumper!