Heading back to the 80’s with Stranger Things Lite Brite

Stranger Things has made a lot of things from my childhood cool. In fact, if I was still at school I would probably be classed as cool because I loved rock music, enjoyed playing geeky games and I was always wearing band t-shirts. If I would be any character from Stranger Things then I would probably have been Eddie, a little bit weird, a little bit out there and very misunderstood. There were lots of fun things from the ’80s featured in Stranger Things, Lite Brite is one of the ones that not only gets featured but is also used in one of my favourite scenes when the characters communicate from the upside down by lighting up the board and spelling out a message.

The one featured in this article is the HD Stranger Things special edition Lite Brite UK version in retro packaging which comes with 12 different designs from season 1 to 4, a selection of mini pegs and a light board. It has a pull-out stand on the back that allows the board to be stood up to display.

There is a special edition Demogorgon Hunters version which has 16 templates but this seems to only be available in the US. Due to the Stranger Things license, this Lite Brite is recommended for ages 14 years plus.

What designs are included in the UK version of the Stranger Things Lite Brite?

The twelve paper design sheets feature iconic images and use coloured letters to showcase where to put the mini pegs on the board. Using the included designs you can create the following images:

  • Dragon
  • Hellfire Club
  • Hawkins High Tiger
  • Surfer Boy Pizza Van
  • Stranger Things
  • Walkie Talkie
  • Demogorgon Hunters
  • Demogorgon
  • a waffle (Eggo)
  • Retro Bunny
  • The Upside Down
  • “RUN” Lights.

You can also create your own designs and this site tells you how to create your own Lite Brite templates so you can come up with some great images.

How to use the templates?

You can use the template sheets in two different ways. You can place the sheet on top of the Lite Brite and push the pegs through the template or you can copy the design and keep the template intact.

How many light modes are there on the Stranger Things Lite Brite?

The light board features 4 light modes: on, flashing on and off, circling through the lights and a light sequence. Use the large button on the back to turn the light board on and flick through the modes. The lights have a timer and turn off after a certain period of time to save batteries.

What mini pegs come with this edition of the Lite Brite?

This version of the Stranger Things Lite Brite comes with 650 mini pegs. The mini pegs come in six colours: yellow, orange, white, blue, green and red. Once we opened the mini peg bags we popped them into tubs to keep the colours separate and make future creations easier.

How does it work?

The lite bright has a selection of lights inside and a cover with holes placed at even distances. Underneath the front panel is some black backing paper which prevents the lights from shining through when the mini pegs are not in place.

How many batteries does the Stranger Things Lite Brite take?

The Uk version requires 3 x AA batteries which are not included. You need a screwdriver to add the batteries using a panel in the back.

Why does my Lite Brite not light up fully?

When you use Lite Brite you put the pegs into the holes on the board. By doing this you puncture the backing paper and allow the light to shine through. When you first start to use your Lite Brite you will find that the light won’t shine through as the mini pegs have not yet pierced the backing paper. If the designs do not light up properly try to make sure that the mini pegs have been pushed all the way through.

Where can I buy the UK version of Stranger Things Lite Brite?

The Stranger Things special edition of Lite Brite shown in this review is available now from amazon.co.uk.